Monday, February 7, 2011

All my jewelry for sale is now posted!

Well it took most of the day, but all the jewelry is here now. If you like something and feel my prices are too high, send me an email with an offer. I have priced most of this about 75% lower than I normally sell them. I really need to make a couple hundred dollars for my dental work. I am going to be selling more things on here besides the jewelry, I just don't know what yet. I am going to have to part with things that I don't want to sell in order to get my teeth fixed. Thanks for stopping by, and happy shopping!

Handmade lanyards for sale $10 each

Ok I have got my handmade lanyards for sale now. Look on the left column under things I have for sale and it will take you to the page! I am selling these for at least half of what I normally sell them because I need to get money to get my teeth fixed. I am in pain and have a lot to get of dental work done. Please help out a good cause and purchase something. I will be putting the rest of the jewelry up over the course of the night. I hope to get it all on here tonight!