Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crazy weekend and I am tired!

What a weekend I have had. John bought a glass and metal tv stand 2 weeks ago for the basement. After he got it together, I loved it and wanted one for the living room. Problem was, we had a HUGEEEEEEEEE wood entertainment center that was LOADED with nic nacs, movies on both dvd and vhs tapes, photo albums etc. So in order to get the new stand I had to pack up alot of my nic nacs, all of my vhs tapes and other random stuff. I had to decide what I really wanted to keep out for display, and it was hard!! So finally 6 hours later and alot of sweating and complaining, and we got it done. I have so much more room now. I still have wall to wall stuff, but it is not as condensed as it was. Not piled quite so high and deep. We just have way to much stuff. So now my next challenge is to get my craft corner more organized. I had ideas in my head last night, but you know that never works right. So another challenge lingers for me for the next few days. But for now, I am going to get some lunch, get some snacks ready, and get prepared to hopefully watch The Bears kick Greenbay's butt!

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